Reduce. Reuse. Maybe not Recycle.

My day was themed breast reduction monday.  I’ve noticed I have themes of the day: like having only women that are 32 G, or calling loss prevention repeatedly, or attracting the crazies.  Anyway, yesterday I had two women that had had reductions… I find them to be excited and thrilled about the prospects of wearing cute, SMALL, bras, as opposed to the literal over the shoulder boulder older.  A particular favorite customer of mine.

Client number one yesterday had had a reduction years ago… and as we were trying on bras, and debating what she would get she was telling me all about it.  Except, they had come back.  So, the reduction had worked for a while, but grown out.  Judging from my observations I’d say gravity had a hand in this, and weight gain.  So reader beware, they can in fact grow again.  She was an H.  Thats a couple a pounds to carry around with you everyday. In the end ( after much debate) we chose the Wacoal awareness bra, as well as a Natori sports bra. A particular favorite of mine as of late.

Client number two.  Probably the reason why I felt motivated to start up writing again. I sauntered over to her in the shapewear section, and a big smile came across her face, as she told me she had recently recovered from reduction surgery and needed new bras, as she had only been wearing compression for the last few months.  Good for her for her patience… most women roll in still swollen and shiny, wanting to be fit when, really they need to wait.  So I fit her in a 34G, which sounds big, but its really all about the width of the breast tissue, not the volume.  She had had a pound taken from each breast.  I can’t even imagine.  Either way I brought her in a selection of fun bras that she could wear.  She was so excited and enthusiastic and happy to have the weight gone, and be able to wear colors and be comfortable in her bras.  It was a joy working with her. She ordered three of my favorite Wacoal unlined bras, they feel like butter.  And exclaimed she’d be back!

I can’t say I know much about reductions, beyond what I have seen.  But all I can hear in my head is a Denise-ism from when I worked at Soma.  ” I wear a bra all the time.  Even to bed.  My grandma told me when I was young thats what I had to do so I wouldn’t sag to the floor. And thats what I’ve done my whole life.” We’ll say she had quite the bustline, and yes, they were up where they belonged.  I recommend to my larger busted customers to wear something supportive all the time, even smaller busted, gravity exists… you don’t want little “fried eggs” hanging around.  Wear a bra.  Bra company of the day: Wacoal.  A classic brand. They have been around for a long long time, and one of the companies I swear by. Pictures and links below.