I’m a WHAT?!

Lately, I have been dealing with the horror. The shear horror of realizing you’re a G when you think your an A. You’re a DDD (F) when you think your a B. Well sister, let me tell you. The cup don’t lie. What it comes down to is width, volume plays a hand, but width is the determining factor. So you might look small on top, but if your tissue is spread wide ( from observation usually not wearing an underwire bra) your going to be wide and not full. Does that make sense? Think of maybe cake batter or cookie dough. You take a spoon full and put it on a pan. You cook it in the oven, and the little mound that was your tablespoon has turned into a nice little thin round cookie. In theory. Lets say you run out of room on your cookie pan, and your last dollop of cookie dough you put too close to the edge, luckily, your pan has sides, so as the cookie expands it hits the side and takes a little shape of the pan. Think of breast tissue as expanding cookie dough, its not like lets say, mashed potatoes, that never move and stay solid (that would be augmentation). Think of the side of your pan as your underwire. Does this make sense? Maybe. Anyway. Moral is wear a bra. ( I feel like I’ve been saying that alot)

2 stories. Wait 3 stories. Ready?

1. “Can I just get fit for fun?” This girl asks me, as I have just changed the life of her friend ( I’ll save that for another post, it was priceless) I say sure, of course. She kicks her friend out of the fitting room, and hesitantly takes her top off. Women are so funny, they think I care, but I don’t. I measure her, fit her. She’s horrified. “Seriously? I’m a triple D? No way! I thought I was like an A or somethin.” Looking at her, no you’d think she was an A, there’s not alot of volume, and it would have been an extremely hard fit, because she wouldn’t have filled hardly anything in her size. But because all she wore were stretchy over the head bralette things, her breasts had spread.

2. Mom and Daughter are shopping. I offer to help the daughter find some bras, mom ends up in the fitting room. Daughter is disgusted by moms nasty boring bras… as she should be. If you have a nude bra, replace it. There is nothing grosser, to me, your man, your girlfriend, or your child, as some nasty old greying stretched out nude bra. They make nice ones. Get one. Anyway, I fit mom. She’s a __DDD. Totally horrified. I bring her in a selection close to what she’s asked for, somehow my gremlins have mixed up a DD with DDD and I brought in a DD. I told her this and she was like I am not a DDD at all. I’m a DD. Because mother and daughter were so wrapped up in eachother ( which is fine) I did not have the chance to educate. I’m sure I sounded crazy, and she went home raving on about the girl that fit her that day.

3. I get handed off this cute, pretty, curvy woman. Rich brown skin, and long black hair, her sister is doing a return and she wanted a fit. I led her into the fitting rooms, and while she’s disrobing she’s telling me all about where she is from and how it’s summer there year round. She thinks we are crazy living in the cold. We go through the fit process, and no, visually she was not any kind of melon, or fruit, or other round object I can compare to, but I measure her as a G. She shrieked when I told her. The fitting room went silent. I laughed, put my hand on her should and said ” Congratulations?” I then explained to her about the width vs volume. It makes sense if you think about it. Did I mention she was a US senator? I didn’t find that out until after.

So, now you might be asking, why must it go around the breast tissue? I think it makes pretty clear sense. But here’s some fun facts and fear for you. There are lymph nodes, and milk ducts down there in your armpit, chest area… if you wear a bra that is too small, it can cut into these essential internal parts. Potentially clogging ducts on pregnant/ nursing mothers, or affecting your lymphatic system. Sounds fun huh. In my experience, and opinion, go bigger, go to where its comfortable. The transition of what you see yourself before and after might be strange at first, but worth it for your health, in more ways than one.

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Options? I have Options?

I recently got prosthesis certified.  Meaning that I work with women who have survived breast cancer and have lost a portion, one, or both breasts to the disease.  I have found these women to be profoundly strong and optimistic, not to mention open about their bodies and experience.  I admire them.

I have quite a tool set these days, including balance forms.  What are balance forms you ask? Well, they are different weighted silicone half breast forms to slip into the bra to balance out uneven sizes.  Usually, they are used for women that have had lumpectomies, and are left with one DD+ cup and one smaller cup.  However, in some cases insurance and your doctor, can authorize coverage if you haven’t had breast cancer but are naturally unbalanced.  If you’re doctor doesn’t cover it, you can pay out of pocket too.  They are made of flesh colored silicone and designed to be lifelike.  Honestly, through a bra and clothing you cant even feel the difference.  So here’s the story.

I saunter in to work, am perusing my daily responsibilities, when I get asked to do a double fit in another department.  I’m fresh from prosthesis training so I’m raring to go.  I go up the escalators, and find my ladies in their respective fitting rooms.  Not the usual customers I deal with on a daily basis, but non the less, I am un phased.  I go into the first room, where this big tall girl is, she looks down at me and smiles and say “You’re a little one aren’t you”.  I laugh and tell her I am a magic bra elf here to solve her problems.  I immediately notice that one breast is drastically larger than the other.  I measure her, and move on to her friend in the next fitting room.  I explain to them my fit process and go down to get my fit bras.

Upon my return, I enter the friends’ room first, and fit her.  Easy.  She loves the bra, and will take two.  I move on to my new tall friend.  She tells me, as she takes off her wonder bra ( do not ever buy them ever they are the worst invention ever), that one is bigger than the other.  I smile and tell her that I will be fitting for the bigger one first, but that I have options for her.  She looks surprised and says really? I then introduce her to the idea of a balance form, something she can slip into her bra everyday so she looks even in her clothing, and will balance out the weight on her body.  She looks a little taken aback and says she’ll think about it.

We move on to the fit bras, I get a perfect fit in a __GG, think maybe a big round watermelon.  The other one is swimming in this bra… think a small melon, or a large grapefruit.  She is smiling and so happy to have the weight distribution and the bra on, but looks at me and  asks nervously ” Maybe, lets try those forms and see?” ” Sure, I’ll run down and grab my kit.  Can’t hurt anyway right?”

I return with my kit of different shapes, sizes, and weights of forms.  I have tiny little ones, and big ones that are larger than even some breasts.  She giggles and I let her feel the soft, flesh like silicone.  Her friend peaks her head out and I let her feel too.  They are pretty cool, I’ll admit.  So after introducing the forms to her, I take my largest, most weighted form and slip it into her bra.  I adjust accordingly, and Ta Da! A huge smile spreads across her face she as looks down.  I turn her to the mirror and the smile grows, and grows. “I’ve never been even before, my whole life.  Thank you, so much.” I take her hands and place them on her breasts, you can’t tell the difference between them.  She looks at me and says ” Can I try on some shirts with it?” Her excitement and enthusiasm is something I can’t put into words, I just hope you can imagine how happy and good she felt.  She bought it out of pocket, though I fought with the insurance company.  Her appreciation and happiness made that day complete for me, and I think about her almost everyday since.

Daily I find it upsetting and frustrating and sad that so many women have no idea the things that are out there for them.  Silicone forms to be balanced, wire free padded bras, camisoles designed for surgery, a good fitting bra to take the weight off the shoulders. We as a population, gender, people, are under educated in our bodies when it comes to our breasts.  I could tell you all about a period when I was 14, but beyond picking out a random bra when my nipples started showing I couldn’t tell you anything else.  I try to educate my customers and women in my life as best I can in general maintenance and care.  Again, it’s all about body image and body maintenance.  You shower, and clean your butt, you buy new clothes, and new underwear, you clean your underwear… why must the bosom be so neglected? ( For a later post I could rant all night on that topic)

Wanna look at silicone balance forms?


The Break Up

I walk over to these two women that are casually looking around.  I walk up to them and ask them if they need any help.  The friend looks at me, and tells me bluntly that her friend needs a new bra.  I look at her friend who looks a little horrified and embarrassed.  I tell her to follow me and lead her to the fitting rooms.

We start with the fit bra, and I start bringing her some things that meet what she likes/ is comfortable in.  Thats when the truth starts pouring out of her.  She tells me about how she recently went through a break up, and how she had been with him for a long time, and believed he would change, but he hadn’t.  She started telling my about the things he would say to her and how much of an alcoholic he was.  She told me that she never didn’t feel pretty anymore, that she didn’t care, but she did at the same time.

She was overwhelmed with the options, and the choices, and the reality of her freedom.  She chose a pretty embroidered Chantelle Balconette bra.  I gave her my card and told her to make an appointment with me when she was ready to redo her wardrobe.

This particular incident happened a few weeks ago, but has stuck in my head since.  All I can picture is her standing in the fitting room, in the blue bra, with a smile and a frown, explaining what had happened and how confused she felt.  Telling me how much her confidence had been affected.  Since that night I have come to notice, not only am I just your fitter, but your confidant.  Women bear their hearts to me on a daily basis.  Telling me about their husbands, children, body image issues, you name it.

I strongly believe that if you have a positive body image, this will reflect in your daily life.  Even if all that means is your bra and underwear match, and are in good condition.  Doesn’t mean it has to be some fancy lacy number, but even just a basic nice nude panty and nude bra can make a difference.  Funny how the underpinnings can make a difference, but they can. Get dressed for yourself.  Not anyone else.  Feel sexy for you, not for him or her.  Enjoy your shapes, curves, imperfections, that’s what makes you you.

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Reduce. Reuse. Maybe not Recycle.

My day was themed breast reduction monday.  I’ve noticed I have themes of the day: like having only women that are 32 G, or calling loss prevention repeatedly, or attracting the crazies.  Anyway, yesterday I had two women that had had reductions… I find them to be excited and thrilled about the prospects of wearing cute, SMALL, bras, as opposed to the literal over the shoulder boulder older.  A particular favorite customer of mine.

Client number one yesterday had had a reduction years ago… and as we were trying on bras, and debating what she would get she was telling me all about it.  Except, they had come back.  So, the reduction had worked for a while, but grown out.  Judging from my observations I’d say gravity had a hand in this, and weight gain.  So reader beware, they can in fact grow again.  She was an H.  Thats a couple a pounds to carry around with you everyday. In the end ( after much debate) we chose the Wacoal awareness bra, as well as a Natori sports bra. A particular favorite of mine as of late.

Client number two.  Probably the reason why I felt motivated to start up writing again. I sauntered over to her in the shapewear section, and a big smile came across her face, as she told me she had recently recovered from reduction surgery and needed new bras, as she had only been wearing compression for the last few months.  Good for her for her patience… most women roll in still swollen and shiny, wanting to be fit when, really they need to wait.  So I fit her in a 34G, which sounds big, but its really all about the width of the breast tissue, not the volume.  She had had a pound taken from each breast.  I can’t even imagine.  Either way I brought her in a selection of fun bras that she could wear.  She was so excited and enthusiastic and happy to have the weight gone, and be able to wear colors and be comfortable in her bras.  It was a joy working with her. She ordered three of my favorite Wacoal unlined bras, they feel like butter.  And exclaimed she’d be back!

I can’t say I know much about reductions, beyond what I have seen.  But all I can hear in my head is a Denise-ism from when I worked at Soma.  ” I wear a bra all the time.  Even to bed.  My grandma told me when I was young thats what I had to do so I wouldn’t sag to the floor. And thats what I’ve done my whole life.” We’ll say she had quite the bustline, and yes, they were up where they belonged.  I recommend to my larger busted customers to wear something supportive all the time, even smaller busted, gravity exists… you don’t want little “fried eggs” hanging around.  Wear a bra.  Bra company of the day: Wacoal.  A classic brand. They have been around for a long long time, and one of the companies I swear by. Pictures and links below.




The Full Busted Fit

What is a full bust? Am I full busted? If you are a 36DDD, you are. And if your saying why yes, I am way above that size, and buy bras I hate, that never fit, or I feel like I’m wearing a granny bra… you have options… beyond the wonderbra… beyond Victorias secret in a size that doesnt work… and beyond something your mom or your grandma wears.

The majority of the full busted women I see are tired of the back pain and the general discomfort their bras give them on a day to day basis.  Most women who are blessed with large tatas think it something of a curse, a hassle, and downright hopeless when it comes to finding a good bra that fits…. and looks pretty, and makes her feel sexy.  Just because you have big breasts shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice your femininity for a full coverage, laceless, nude, “granny bra” that at least keeps the girls in order but does nothing for the sexy confident factor ( which is everything… and I’ll post about that later).

Today was a magical day in the land of the full busted woman.  I had two clients today, sporting 34GG cup sizes.  This is a petite full, ranging from 30DDD to 34DDD and beyond.  Each one stocked up.  With not a nude bra in sight.  I fit them both in beautiful lacey, well constructed bras, that took the weight off their back, and shaped them.  Sometimes, particularly with the larger cup sizes the ladies tend to wander off to the side… this isn’t fun.  But the bras I fit them in give great shape and lift.

Here’s two  fun ones from today.  “Fitter to area 1” comes over the intercom, I drop what I am doing and wander out for a fit.  This big tall lady is waiting for me.  She looks down at me ( as 90% of the population does) and says, can you fit me for a new bra in 10 minutes? I told her, I love a challenge lets get to it, and led her to the fitting room.  She takes her shirt off and is in this bra that is so done.  Its stretched to its maximum (smallest hook) and doesn’t even come down below her breasts… let alone lay flat at all.  I took one look at it and was like, I hope your going to throw that away.  She looks at me and says absolutely sister, so I set to work fitting her.  I was two sizes off in the beginning… the visual illusion of the tiny bra made her look bigger than she was, and she bought the bra I fit her in, ripped off the tags, and she was off.  In under 10 minutes.  I also got the joy of throwing away her old bra.  Something I find incredibly satisfying.

My second 34GG of the day was in a bra, that was so tight for her, it was digging into her under her breast tissue, and into her sternum, it looked painful.  It was all red and starting to bruise.  I took the bra from her and told her she wasn’t wearing it again.  She laughed. And let me get rid of it.  She wore this beautiful Elomi rose petal bra out.  And bought 5 more.  She was so greatful for my help.  The appreciation on her face made every moment I had spent with her worth it.  I offered to add her to my client list and keep in touch with her, the gratitude and thankful smile was more than I had anticipated, and she even teared up a little bit.  Honestly, fitting someone that struggles with bras is one of the most satisfying great feelings, its like figuring out a puzzle.  Or completing a challenge.  Find the perfect bra that fits.  And let me tell ya, when that bra fits right, and was designed for you, its like the skies open up and I grin like a fool.  I tell every one of my clients they’ll know when I like a bra because I can’t stop smiling.

I believe in honesty.  So I’m not going to sell you what you don’t need.  And if you’re walking in with bras that are digging in, greyed, dirty, and generally useless, I’m going to tell you, and proceed to beg you to get more than one.  It usually works.  Anyway.  Here are the bras that have new homes today.  Freya, Fantasie, Panache, and Elomi, all are great brands that cater to the larger bust.  They are comfortable, shaping, and come in pretty colors, with lace, and matching panties.  These lines where designed specifically for the full busted woman, the have seam lines that lift and shape with wide smiles (underwire) to fit all the tissue, as well as reinforced sling on the inside of the cups for extra support.  I also am a big lover of Wacoal and Chantelle… they max out at an H, but if she’s built the right way these bras can be totally amazing.

A pretty feminine bra, that again provides great lift and shape while still remaining sexy

A pretty feminine bra, that again provides great lift and shape while still remaining sexy

This was my 10 minute fit bra, great shape, full coverage, gives excellent support, and so comfortable you wouldn't know your wearing it.

This was my 10 minute fit bra, great shape, full coverage, gives excellent support, and so comfortable you wouldn’t know your wearing it.

This is one of my all time favorites.  I bring it into every full fit I can, not only is it cute, but it makes a great Tshirt Bra

This is one of my all time favorites. I bring it into every full fit I can, not only is it cute, but it makes a great Tshirt Bra

Great shape, Pretty lace, fits on the snug side, cute boyshort panty

Great shape, Pretty lace, fits on the snug side, cute boyshort panty

A great fit, and a great print, this one if flying off my racks.

A great fit, and a great print, this one if flying off my racks.

This little number goes home with every woman I put in it.  Its sexy, fits well, and shapes to her body. Its an immediate love affair.

This little number goes home with every woman I put in it. Its sexy, fits well, and shapes to her body. Its an immediate love affair.

A cute print, and see thru, still providing great support due to the seams.

A cute print, and see thru, still providing great support due to the seams.

This is what she wore out today, Great fit, great shape, but still sexy with some lace

This is what she wore out today, Great fit, great shape, but still sexy with some lace


Where to buy?! ( Go get fit. Don’t waste your time ordering unless you KNOW your size :))







Bralette? What is that? Does it work?

Comes in different colors, a cotton/modal blend, minimal support

Comes in different colors, a cotton/modal blend, minimal support

In my previous post I talked about bralettes, and what they were.  Today, I’ll provide a little bit more information.

A bralette is a bra without wires or molded cups, think on par to a sports bra, but without the intensity to hold you in.  They have thin or lacy straps like a regular bra, and provide a reasonable amount of support for small to average busted women.  Microfiber, lace, or a cotton blend are the common fabric comments usually.

When I was first introduced to them I was a little skeptical. I’m not big on my nipples being an accessory to outfits ( yes, some women like the look of having hard nipples and it showing through clothes). Anyway, in terms of support think yoga or other activities on par with that.

How do you wear this piece of stretchy mini bra madness without your nipples being headlights and wobbling all over the place you ask? Well, like I said, if your sporting an H cup size, probably not for you, but if you are between a 30A to 38 C you can get away with it.  I have a lace Cosabella one I like to wear under button down shirts leaving the top buttons undone so its peaking out, kindof flirty and sexy but still professional for work.  I sold 4 to a girl the other day who, despite her mothers horror, is absolutely a hippie, and was buying bras for the festivals she was going to this summer.  She’ll be sporting a myriad of colors under her overalls.

There’s really no limit to what you can do, you just have to be a little creative. They are also a great day off bra.  I’m a big believer in wearing a bra all the time.  Gravity is an unforgiving friend, that can take even the most perkiest to their knees over time.  No, you don’t need to sleep in one (though if you are petite or full busted, 30DDD and beyond I’d recommend it) I’d still wear one on your off days.  Bralettes are the perfect non commitment bra.  They are comfortable, soft, can be sexy, and will give you just enough support to go to the grocery store, get the kids to daycare, and watch Tv.  Just dont stand under an air vent.

Enough ranting. Here’s some pictures. And some links to peruse!

Microfiber, lightweight, good support, lots of stretch

Microfiber, lightweight, good support, lots of stretch

Stretchy lace, light support, cute matching thong or boyshort

Stretchy lace, light support, cute matching thong or boyshort

Stretchy lace, light support, back closure

Stretchy lace, light support, back closure

Back view, this is what most bralettes look like from the back.

Back view, this is what most bralettes look like from the back.

Minimal support, but a fun top

Minimal support, but a fun top

Light support, name implies the benefits.

Light support, name implies the benefits.

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Slow Down the Sounds Around You

Today while I was calling customers letting them know that their bras were back from alterations one of the women from hosiery came in looking for a bra fitter.  I was surrounded by a mountain of bras, clothes, and bags with the phone in my hand, calling wrong numbers because I couldn’t read the tailors handwriting.  Everyone was too busy to help this “little lady that needs a bra”, so I left my pile and followed the saleswoman out to the floor.

There I found who I was to spend the next hour with, standing, slightly crouched over, looking confused and lost amidst the bustle of the department and the traffic on the aisle.  I walked over and asked her what she needed.  I could hardly hear her or understand.  I thought she needed a prosthesis fit, which I explained I couldn’t help her with, but that I could go get someone.  This look of fear flew into her eyes as she looked into mine, and told me no no that I could help her.  I asked her again, differently what it was she needed and she explained she needed a sports bra, in which I told her that activewear would carry more of what she wanted.  Again I got a look of fear, confusion, and no no you can help me.  I had to step back in my head, and concentrate, make the room go silent, and listen to what she was trying to say.  It was hard for her to talk, and clearly she’d been shuffled around, and just wanted someone to slow down and take the time to listen to her and help her.

So I shut everything out, and looked deep into her confused blue eyes, and listened, and heard in her eyes what she was asking for.  She needed a bra, a sports bra that she could pull on and off over her head because she couldn’t lift her arms.  She can’t clasp bras anymore, and has been wearing sports bras, and needs something new.  My mind went through all the options we have, like a file, I do this daily.  I told her that I could help her, but that the what I had for sports bras weren’t going to help.  “But I do have some bralettes I can show you.” “What are those?” She asked.  I explained that they were light bras with only elastic that offered light support  and could be pulled over your head.  She wanted to see them so I took her over to our most basic option, stretchy microfiber, that is easily pulled on and off.  She was excited and and wanted to try some.  I pulled two sizes.  She then looked deep into my eyes and tried to explain by hand movement across her chest she wanted something pretty.  Even the most tomboy of women have moments of femininity, age is no different.

I have a particular favorite lace bralette by Cosabella that I swear by.  They are stretchy, comfortable, all lace, and still sexy, offering just enough support for small to average bustlines.  Anyway, I walked her over and told her I had just the thing for her.  Her eyes lit up and she smiled as I showed her.  We pulled two sizes and I asked her if she was ready for a fitting room. She nodded.

I led her into the fitting rooms. She asked me how my day was going as we walked over, I said fine, though now I wish I’d said a little more, I was too busy thinking about my messy pile in back I had to deal with. I picked a room,  opened the door and entered after her.  It was a struggle for her to put her things down.  I offered if I could help her take her clothes off, she said yes please, and I helped her get out of her jacket, her sweater, her second sweater, and finally, pull her sports bra over her head.  She had no range of motion in her arms, they stayed forward only and bent at the elbow.  I imagined what it must be like for her in day to day life, how hard it must be, how much harder its been to watch her mobility fade like this.

We tried the first bra, and the second, the third and the fourth.  She told me about how her daughter nags her about her mobility, and how she thinks its crazy she even bothers wearing a bra. We picked the sizes that worked best.  But as we were trying them on, she said to me, dont help, I have to see if I can do this by myself.  The hardest thing, is to stand there and watch, as someone struggles.  But she managed.  And I only help when the tag got in her way.  She took two microfiber bralettes.  A black one.  And she asked for a second in navy.  “If I don’t have the navy, what other color could I get you?” “What else do you have?” She asked.  I listed off the colors I could remember, and a little smirk crossed her face as she said, ” If you can’t get navy I want red.” I have to say. I admire a woman that doesn’t get nude, black, and white. I had it in navy.  She was tired after all of this, and wore the lace Cosabella bralette out of the store.

I cut off all the tags at the cashwrap, and waited for her.  I helped her get her shirt on before leaving, and gave her the option of helping her get dressed, or finding the navy.  She told me to go hunt.  When she met me at the cashwrap she needed me to look up her card.  It was too hard for her to dig through her purse, I helped get her ID out.  I asked her to write down the pertinent information I needed to retrieve the card number, but she struggled so I offered to write it for her.  I felt so stupid in that instant, I should have known writing would be a struggle, her hands barely worked for her anymore.  But i got the card, followed through with the transaction.  I helped her put her sweater on, and she looked deep into my eyes again, and I in hers and she thanked me so much for the help I gave her with a smile on her face. I told her to have a good rest of her day and enjoy the sunshine.

Part of what made this such an intense experience, besides her obvious mobility and speech impairment, was the eye contact.  It was intense, and deep.  Not like something I’ve experienced.  Her eyes were blue, with tiny little pupils in the center.  We looked deep into each other as we spoke, like we were making some sort of connection.  It was intense, and almost magic (?).  I’m not sure really how to explain it, but looking deep into them made everything clearer, and I could understand better.  Not watching her lips, or listening harder, but just staring into her eyes.

So many things we take for granted and never think about.  Imagine not being able to do the things you wanted.  And have to rely on people.  I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for her to even get to my store.  And how tired she was after the ordeal.  I hope that she is happy, and I hope that the bras work.  Its the only difference I can make in her life, and I hope it works.  Its so easy to pass off people that don’t perhaps function like the rest of us.  To move quickly and solve a problem without listening.  I did that.  I tried to pass her off twice before actually listening, understanding, and helping.  Next time, I will listen.  Every missed opportunity is an opportunity to improve.

The First Post: Marlies Dekkers

Close up image of front of Leading Strings Corset, Marlies Dekkers

Close up image of front of Leading Strings Corset, Marlies Dekkers

I’ve been procrastinating my first post for about a week now.  I was told its awkward and weird, because it is after all, the first post.  So I guess I’ll jump right in.

On my internet perusing during my day off today I came across Marlies Dekkers.  I’m totally unfamiliar with the brand, but got the pleasure of seeing one of these awesomely constructed bras in person the other day. Part of my draw to them is the construction.  I really like modern lines that these bras have that go over the breast.  Its a different take on “the bra”.  But pictures speak louder than words.  So go look. And enjoy.


Back view of  Leading Strings Corset, Marlies Dekkers

Back view of Leading Strings Corset, Marlies Dekkers

Back view of Calder Balconette Bra, Marlies Dekkers

Back view of Calder Balconette Bra, Marlies Dekkers


Front of Leading Strings Bra and thong set, Marlies Dekkers

Front of Leading Strings Bra and thong set, Marlies Dekkers

Back view of Leading Strings set, Marlies Dekkers

Back view of Leading Strings set, Marlies Dekkers

Lady from Shanghai woven top

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