The Break Up

I walk over to these two women that are casually looking around.  I walk up to them and ask them if they need any help.  The friend looks at me, and tells me bluntly that her friend needs a new bra.  I look at her friend who looks a little horrified and embarrassed.  I tell her to follow me and lead her to the fitting rooms.

We start with the fit bra, and I start bringing her some things that meet what she likes/ is comfortable in.  Thats when the truth starts pouring out of her.  She tells me about how she recently went through a break up, and how she had been with him for a long time, and believed he would change, but he hadn’t.  She started telling my about the things he would say to her and how much of an alcoholic he was.  She told me that she never didn’t feel pretty anymore, that she didn’t care, but she did at the same time.

She was overwhelmed with the options, and the choices, and the reality of her freedom.  She chose a pretty embroidered Chantelle Balconette bra.  I gave her my card and told her to make an appointment with me when she was ready to redo her wardrobe.

This particular incident happened a few weeks ago, but has stuck in my head since.  All I can picture is her standing in the fitting room, in the blue bra, with a smile and a frown, explaining what had happened and how confused she felt.  Telling me how much her confidence had been affected.  Since that night I have come to notice, not only am I just your fitter, but your confidant.  Women bear their hearts to me on a daily basis.  Telling me about their husbands, children, body image issues, you name it.

I strongly believe that if you have a positive body image, this will reflect in your daily life.  Even if all that means is your bra and underwear match, and are in good condition.  Doesn’t mean it has to be some fancy lacy number, but even just a basic nice nude panty and nude bra can make a difference.  Funny how the underpinnings can make a difference, but they can. Get dressed for yourself.  Not anyone else.  Feel sexy for you, not for him or her.  Enjoy your shapes, curves, imperfections, that’s what makes you you.

Shopping? Want? Love?


One thought on “The Break Up

  1. Mummy Pooh always loved beautiful undies – slips, panties etc. the more lace the better. She always said: She did not want to be caught dead in ugly underwear!” Back then all the wonderful colors and styles were not available but she could afford lovely things. Perhaps you have her gene. XO Dee-Dee

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